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The introduction has nothing but nothing to do with the question of luxury watches and who wears which watch brand . Rest assured, you are not mistaken article. We come here.

Sometimes we want to give what we have desperately searched for in vain for years, and that’s often the way it is. I love women who give to their offspring the love that their own mother refused them by grumbling. It’s sometimes more boring, when people allow themselves to give you advice on a topic where they have never really shone, and this is unfortunately the most common case: theater teachers – idem for singing, dance, etc. – who have never been on stage (paid), a zealous friend who gives you advice about your relationship when all of his or hers ended in blood, tears or both at once,

In short, to think a little, I come back on what I said to you: it is not always good to give advice on what we missed oneself (and I do not quote the sites of “seduction” where the creator has for feats of arms that to be put in couple with the first coming 5 years ago and to have kept it against all odds), but today I think to make exception to the rule . What you are going to read is what I was eagerly looking for years, asking those I thought they “knew” to enlighten me on the subject: what watch to buy ,  or, more importantly: who wears what are luxury watches? Some of you have already understood the interest of the question, but for others a little clarification is needed.

The question of the makeover man , and more generally of the appearance, calls several sub-questions, but you never ask them in the right order. In general, I mean:

  • 99% of the time: what are my colors, the colors that suit me?
  • 90%: what are the colors that do not suit me?
  • 70%: what do you think of my trench? From my sweater? From my jacket? Of my shoes? From my hairstyle?
  • 50%: (about a particular item) is it good quality ?
  • 40%: how to recognize a beautiful material?
  • 30%: how to be neglected while being chic? (or the contrary)
  • 10%: why is it beautiful? (The question that annoys me the most, it makes me frankly flip to imagine the mental structure of someone who needs a mathematical demonstration of beauty, I prefer to run away)

But I never hear, never what is the first question to ask in front of a garment, a trend or a silhouette that leaves us sounding. And yet it is the simplest question of the world, it holds in 3 words:

Luxury watches: who wears what?

In other words, before looking at a Moncler down jacket hanging on a hanger and asking if it is or not of “good quality”, before trying to find out if what you are about to buy is a luxury watch ,  instead, ask yourself:

  • who wears it, and
  • do you want to look like them!

Understand that it is these 2 reflections that you have to make when you want to know which luxury watches to buy . And it is for this reason that people who dress with the most taste and discernment (and who know how to do it on others) are rarely stylists or moderates fierce but often excellent observers and so somehow a little sociologists. What I summed up a few years ago by an aphorism scribbled on a corner of the table: Anyone who does not spend a few hours a week sitting at a café terrace watching people go by, does not know how to dress.

It was therefore more than logical, inevitable , that I asked myself this question when, for my 30 years, I decided to buy my first luxury watch (first since the swatch of my 14 years).