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Many people make mistakes when looking for a Hid conversion kit because many manufacturers and vendors seem to be using code. 55w 1600k What does it mean, what is the h1 or h7 bulb or the xenon lamp or xenon brenner that continues to appear. In this article, I will explain the meaning of all these terms in a non-technical and simple way.

What is a HID kit?

These are headlamp conversion kits that contain all the components needed to convert a headlight into a xenon bulb or to hide the light. Why change my lights? It turns out that the hidden light is three times brighter than an ordinary light bulb of the same power, allowing you to see the street light more clearly. This is obviously safer and also makes night driving less stressful.

Hidden means high-intensity discharge, and Xenon lamps or xenon brenner is the name of the gas contained in the bulb. Some people like to use the term HID kit, others use the term kit xenon, both of which mean exactly the same thing. Therefore, the HID kit is the same as the helium kit, and the wording varies from person to person.

Your hidden conversion kit or helium will contain all the parts you need to convert from halogen to xenon. It will contain assembly instructions, as most people should be able to do this work and two bulbs separately. The kit also includes all the cables and connectors needed to install and connect the lamp (xenon brenner) and power supply. Two or two unique ballasts for operating these bulbs will be included, these ballasts being used essentially as actuators in fluorescent tubes. They convert the energy supplied to the bulb to the correct voltage and voltage for proper operation.

The numbers in which H is H7 indicate the lamp adjusting plugs, and the sizes of these plugs are H1 to H12. These codes are identical to the halogen bulbs provided in the H accessory. They are only used to mount the bulb to the car mount to ensure that the bulb you purchased matches your car. Need to be replaced.

The letter W represents the power unit called watt, and the larger the number, the greater the power of the bulb. Hidden bulbs are brighter and do not require extremely high values, as 35W and 55W are the most used in most cars, and over 55W is a bit too much.

K stands for Kelvin and is a measure of temperature, so a 1600k hidden bulb simply means a bulb in which the gas burns at 1600 degrees Kelvin. The temperature mainly affects the color of the light or its white color. When you buy a kit and want a blue tone, ask the manufacturer for the color of the bulb and buy the kit that suits your preference.

With this explanation, you can now enter the world of HID conversion kits.