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History and meaning

In the ancient Nordic myths, the Mjöllnir literally means the crusher.

It is Asgard’s most powerful weapon and the power symbol of God Thor, able to defeat the Giants and unleash the lightning.

The Mjolnir (mjollnir in old narrois) is the short-handled hammer of Thor made by the dwarves Brokk and Eitri and which has the power to return to the hand of the one who launched it, thus meaning according to the shamans that the powers released can turn against you.

The power of Thor’s hammer is so extraordinary that it is impossible to use without the use of iron gloves (Járngreipr, “iron grip”)


A blessed hammer of the Gods

Odin increases the powers of Mjöllnir

Forged in a magical metal with the power to preserve the enchantments, the indestructible hammer has received from Odin some additional powers:

  • The mjöllnir can first have only one master at a time and no being of the universe, whatever it is, will not be able to seize it and lift it from the ground without being able to show it worthy.
  • The second enchantment brings the hammer back into Thor’s hands after striking and slaughtering his target.
  • Thor with this hammer can summon the force of the elements and call them to free themselves. It controls thanks to mjollnir the storm and the lightning.
  • Odin with the fourth enchantment endow Thor’s hammer has the power to open in other universes and other dimensions, allowing him to shuttled between Asgard land.
  • The fifth power allows Thor to transform at leisure into Don Blake, his earthly avatar in the Marvel comics, and with a simple stroke of his cane hit the ground again become the god Thor.

The origins of the sacred hammer

At the heart of the legend

Manuscript edda of Snorri To better understand Nordic mythology and understand the origins of Thor and his invincible myöllnir, one has to delve into the great classic of Icelandic literature of the thirteenth century, the Edda of Snorri which paints a rich and detailed picture of the kingdom of the Nordic gods .

This book represents the main source of knowledge we have of Nordic mythology.

Edda is the most translated Scandinavian work in the world

The theft of the Hammer

The legend

The theft of Thor’s hammer One day Thor woke up and realized that his hammer had disappeared. Without the powers of Mjöllnir Thor becomes vulnerable against the Giants and the danger is great for Asgard.Everything is done to find the divine object and it is his brother Loki, who travels the world under the appearance of the hawk of the Goddess Freyja found track to Jötunheimt, the kingdom of Giants.

There he discovers that one of them, Thrym, has stolen the mjöllnir and buried it in the depths of the earth. He wants the hand of goddess Freyja and will only make the legendary Thor’s hammer on this condition. With the help of Heimdall and Loki Thor develops a scheme to deceive the giants. Concealed under the veil of the bride Thor goes with Loki to Jötunheimt to celebrate the wedding with Thrym. When the latter agrees to make the hammer Thor seizes immediately and kills Thrym.

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