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Marketing in social media seems to be the means for those who want to improve their online business and sell the latest buzzwords, but is it just a means of social media marketing (SMM)?

The SMM company is now appearing everywhere and telling anyone who listens to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube is very important for their business, but for small and medium businesses, they are marketing social networks. Is the network really fashionable? Is it worthwhile to hire a SMM company to spend a little money? Has anyone really researched before hiring someone to create a Facebook page? Some MMS companies are launching features like Facebook pages (which are free) to $600 for more than $1,000 and show their customers that they don’t need a website because Facebook is the world’s largest social network.

Everyone has a Facebook account. Now, if Facebook is the world’s largest social network, Facebook members are potential consumers, the real question is whether they really buy. Social media marketing (smm panel) companies are happy to highlight social networks, such as the use of Facebook, the number of tweets sent last year and the number of YouTube videos watched, etc. But the positive aspects of the number but you can get the full picture? Once, I was sitting at a business seminar next to SMM “Experts” and talking to all those who didn’t hear the amazing benefits of creating Facebook pages for businesses.

Small businesses (and of course he) are sold on the Internet. Facebook. So, with the advice of the “experts” mentioned above, my search on Facebook only found that I only had 11 friends on Facebook (this is not a good start). As a researcher, I decided to take a look at SMM sales to see if it works, who did it, why, and why social media marketing is for them. ? Should the company rely on social networks for sales?

As a web developer, when potential customers claim that the site looks good, but they have a professional page on Facebook, I often (and increasingly) face several social networking issues and several sources (always anonymous one’s gift). “), social networking is what must be done, but after analyzing their needs, it is clear that these potential customers don’t know why they need social networking or MMS to generate online sales, they hope just, I always recommend for any type of social network Creating a high quality website is very simple, because social networks are social networks and social networks are social networks, not media commercial or commercial networks (it will be like LinkedIn).

I know this sounds simple, but it It’s true statistics confirm this. But the truth is that marketing doesn’t give Facebook a network through social media (smm panel). Although Facebook and Google have almost the same number of users, users don’t use Facebook like a search engine. For example, Google ( About half of the search engine market, Yahoo and Bing search for products or companies. They use it to stay in touch with family and friends or receive news and entertainment. In a recent study by the IBM Institute for Business Value, about 55% Social media users say they are not participating in brands on social networks. Only 23% actually use them. Interact with brands. Now, all who use social media (smm panel) to interact with brands, whether intentionally or unintentionally among the people, most (66%) say they need to feel a company Communicate before the interaction.