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The Sbobet Sportbook Bet Type, Sbobet  Sportsbook has many types of games, from Football, Badminton, Basketball, Hockey, and so on. In general, all sports bets have several common types of bets. This time we will discuss some types of games that are commonly played on the Sbobet Sportsbook.


Handicap / HDP is a game that we often hear. Handicap is one of the Sbobet games that involves both teams with the existence of a poor one from a team that is considered stronger. to calculate Odds and Poor’s on this Handicap game, please refer to Article How to determine Sbobet Market .

Over / Under

Over / Under or OU or Up / Down is one type of sbobet games that risk goals from both teams will be above or below the number of goals determined by Sbobet. Look at the above game, OU for Sydney vs Brisbane matches there are 3 markets. to Determine the market, the method is the same as Determining the Market on Handicap.

Odd Even

Odd Even or OE or Odd Even is one of the sbobet games that risk the number of goals from both teams, whether the results are Odd or Even.

Odd = Odd, Win If the total goals of both teams are 1, 3, 5, 7, and so on

Even = Even, Win If the total goals of both teams are 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, and so on

Full Time and First Half

The above types of games can be played for Full Time or First Half rounds. Full Time, the game will be counted for 2 rounds, namely 2x 45 minutes plus Time Injury. First Half, the game will be counted for the first round only, namely 1 x 45 minutes plus the Time Injury. If you choose Full Time, the results are calculated only 2 x 45 Minutes + Time Injury only, if there is an Additional Round, it will not be counted. The Extra Round or Extra Time will have its own market

Money Line

Money Line Is a game that exists in American Football or Baseball matches. This Money Line is a Head to Head Bet where only which team will win at certain odds. The game is almost similar to 1 × 2 but there is no Bet for the series, so the Money Line’s winning percentage is 1: 2