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Anyone who thinks this happens only in the US and not in Germany, is mistaken, as a – admittedly quite stupid – casino เว็บแทงบอล robbery in Berlin proves. In March 2010 the European Poker Tour (EPT), Europe’s largest poker tournament, took place at the Hotel Grand Hyatt Berlin. This multi-day event with about 1,000 participants pays a total of € 4.6 million in prize money. A sum that could well be worth a robbery, thought a group of young adult men. The 28-year-old master spontaneously drummed his nephew and three of his friends together in the morning of the same day, meeting them at a branch of a large international fast-food chain for briefing and handing out ski masks and gloves. Already here, the group fell to other guests of the fast food restaurant.

In the afternoon they stormed then, with machetes and a start of alarm grand-hyatt-berlin gun, armed through a side entrance of the five-star hotel, the poker tournament and threatened the cashiers at the registration counter of the tournament, in which the participation fees were kept – a total of about 800,000 euros. Among the players, a mass panic broke out, they sought under the game tables protection and seven people injured, due to the crowding, easily. After the perpetrators had unconsciously stuffed the captured money from the registration counter into their jacket pockets and into a laptop bag found at the crime scene, they fled. They were stopped by one of the security people. He knocked one of the money out of one of the men’s pockets and held it. His accomplices helped him, however, to free himself, so that all the perpetrators could initially flee unrecognized with a prey of 242,000 euros. The whole robbery lasted less than five minutes, seemed rather haphazard and amateurish, leaving behind quite a chaos due to the mass panic. However, after the police closed their search, the tournament continued three hours after the raid.

As the police soon discovered, one of the perpetrators had left DNA marks on the purse that one of the security guards had knocked out of his hand. Two other perpetrators tore the ski masks from their faces during the escape and were thus very well recognized on the records of the surveillance cameras. There were obviously no professionals at work, so the police were pretty sure that it would not be too long before the perpetrators were found and caught. It was also pretty clear that there had to be another accomplice among the tournament participants. Oddly enough, the raid took place just in the brief moment when the money was taken out of the side vault to be taken to the main vault. It was therefore quite likely that one of the participants had timed the right time, and then gave the signal for the robbery via mobile phone. As it turned out later, this participant was one of the two masterminds of the action.

Just a few days after the robbery, the first perpetrator voluntarily presented himself to the police and betrayed the names of his three accomplices. Shortly thereafter, the second offender was located in Berlin during a routine check, arrested and immediately made a confession. Two weeks later, the other two perpetrators also joined the police. These had temporarily settled abroad, but realized quite quickly that an escape did not look particularly promising. The four perpetrators were all between 19 and 21 years old, came from immigrant families and lived in socially deprived circumstances. They were all unemployed and were already known to the police for criminal offenses, thefts and bodily injuries, and in some cases had a criminal record.Casino เว็บแทงบอล raid

A short time later, the two masterminds of the action were arrested and made a confession: The uncle of one of the perpetrators, a 28-year-old who drove the gang’s ambulance on the day of the attack, as well as a 31-year-old, the original idea for had the robbery and therefore registered as a participant in the tournament and gave the decisive signal for the robbery by mobile phone.

Already three months after the attack, the perpetrators were sentenced to three years and six months imprisonment. The 21-year-old perpetrator for adult and the three younger offenders for juvenile justice. The prey in the amount of 242,000 euros emerged except for a small part, which returned one of the perpetrators, not until today.

The organizers of the poker tournament received strong criticism as the security measures taken for the tournament were obviously not sufficient. It was only commissioned a private security firm, which did not provide enough staff and then sent these few unarmed in the use – a situation that has invited criminals almost to a casino เว็บแทงบอล robbery.