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Making a custom thumbnail (save thumbnail image) for YouTube can make the difference between whether your video is seen or ignored when it appears in the list of results or related videos. In this tutorial I will teach you how to create your own thumbnails (save thumbnail image) so you can improve your results.


The thumbnails are the previews of the videos that appear in the YouTube search results. These thumbnails also appear in the sidebar of the suggested videos, where they look even smaller. These thumbnails (save thumbnail image) are not the first frame of your video .


The thumbnails play a very important factor when a user decides if he is going to click on your video or not. In fact I would say that they are the most important factor, because on Youtube people do not read, look. Despite this importance many people neglect this factor (I did it for a long time), and that is when you upload a video to YouTube it gives you to choose a series of three moments that you can select as a thumbnail for your video.

As vague people we are, we like the work that has already been done.

So we choose the prettiest of the 3 and we give it to publish, ignoring totally the little button that appears just below them called thumbnail personal. A complete mistake. The thumbnails do not directly affect the positioning, but they do it indirectly. If for example your video appears in a 5th position, but its thumbnail is more striking than the 4 that it has above, undoubtedly it will take more clicks, and therefore more visualizations. YouTube will interpret these signals and begin to give more importance to your video, which will gradually climb positions to reach the top 1.

Be careful because this also works the other way around. If your thumbnail is horrible no one or very few people will click on your video, something that YouTube will interpret as a bad signal and will make it descend to the bottom of your list of results.


At this point of the film is already more than studied, YouTube has done many tests to know first hand which are the best thumbnails (save thumbnail image), so you only have to take advantage of that knowledge. You do not have to believe my word, with which you take a tour of YouTube you will start to see all these patterns that I am going to tell you right now. Not all these techniques have to work always, but if you do not know where to start with these tips you will increase your chances of success.


Preferably yours, to a great size, and creating a visual contact. Although this will vary depending on the type of channel, usually people on YouTube follow people, people who entertain them with their Vlogs, who explain their favorite applications. A video is not a cold article written by the user “redaction”. If you take a look at the videos of one of the big ones on YouTube (Casey Neistat, with more than 7 million subscribers), you’ll see that faces are a common factor in all your videos. When you finish reading the article go and take a look at your YouTube, I’m sure you realize now that it’s completely full of faces .


This advice is not always applicable (for example it will be difficult to implement if you are creating technical tutorials), but it is something that is certainly working on YouTube today. It works very well when it goes hand in hand with the previous advice (use faces), because if these include feelings such as anger, joy, sadness their ability to attract attention multiplies .