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In commercial real estate, various demonstrations will be conducted in various situations. Most of them are of a commercial nature and focus on the needs of tenants, property buyers or property sellers.

I went to the main question

Each of these groups has unique attribute requirements and focus. Their needs must be clearly identified and addressed in sales or presentations. Many successful commercial Thailand Property agents will have initial meetings with customers or clients so they can identify key issues and concerns. This allows sales representatives to return to customers or customers through well-structured proposals within a few days to meet the needs of customers or customers.

This is about them, not you!

When designing an investment proposal or commercial property, the document must represent 90% of the property and customer. Often, you’ll find that this rule has not been considered or corrupted because the proposal document makes extensive reference to agencies and employees.

In rare cases, a property transaction is a simple rental property, a property price or a physical element of a property. In most cases, the combination of these elements must satisfy the basic equations of the customer or customer’s needs. By bringing them to this basic need, they will determine the painful factors experienced by the customer or customer. This is what you care about.

They have experience

It is worth noting that many customers and customers in commercial Thailand Property are quite comfortable in a business transaction environment. This means that they are unable to provide you with a complete picture or all elements of the transaction until they are ready. The carefully selected questions must be used to direct conversations and connections during the presentation to the customer or customer, which allows the agent to interpret the body language from the customer’s response.


When you think that you have identified the painful factors of your customers in Thailand Property transactions, you will start to zoom in on the current market and then present a stable and reasonable solution or give your customers a real estate company can provide. . Commercial real estate transactions currently on the market always focus on the following financial issues:

High vacancy rate

Other options and attributes to choose from

  • Low income lease
  • Unstable cash flow
  • Unstable holding mix
  • Lease conflict
  • Increased operating costs of construction
  • Demographic changes expose property to an unstable future
  • Pressure on mortgage payments
  • Asset age
  • Renew or postpone demand
  • To attract tenants away from the competitive property of the property

This type of information and explanation requires your local knowledge. It is as much as the type and place of the place. This is the greatest value you bring to your customers or customers. Being able to clearly define local market knowledge is a great benefit in any commercial or commercial real estate show. This should be seen as the best solution to the problem.

Based on the experience

After several years specializing in commercial Thailand Property business, I found my unique ability to be market knowledge and market visualization in any formal customer presentation. Being able to talk about market trends and financial performance in a powerful way will help customers understand what he needs his services. Associate it with its extensive and relevant query database to make customers aware that they need it.

So you are here. These are some of the key skills used in commercial real estate presentations. While many real estate agents consider them to be the best choice for promoting commercial real estate sales and leasing in the market, the reality is that they convey information when they need it most.

To be the best commercial real estate agent in your area, you must prove that this is true and you will complete it within the first 10 minutes of the presentation time. The customer will be notified at that time.