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The latest optical fibre internet service that had been offered by the Telekom Malaysia Berhad, in that the UniFi packages would covers up a good number of the internet ports that holds the nationwide available in Malaysia.

The UniFi makes use of the asymmetrical broadband speed which means the broadband would be faster when compared to the uploading. This is why many prefer the UniFi package for home and they made use for their own personal uses. After using this you’re each downloading would be fast and easy for you to make use of it.

Right from the digital line to the fibre optics and broadband there would be endless combinations and the packages are there to choose from the best broadband which had been available in Malaysia. While you pick some of the packages it would come up with the service specials while the others would include the add ons as like the cable TV.

The best part about the UniFi is their add ons options that start up with the parental control, additional security reasons, voice IDD and surveillance. Through this one can able to customize your internet packages that catered all your needs.

In what all the types you can make use of UniFi?

You can able to get two different versions that had been available for the UniFi packages Malaysia. They are UniFi lite and advanced pro plans. The broadband plans would come up with a DECT phone and wireless router. The UniFi packages prices would be based on the packs that you choose. The revamped UniFi plans would come under three versions.

  • Lite
  • Advance
  • Pro

You can able to get them in three mbps as like 10, 30 and 100. They would come up with the free wireless router as well as the HyppTv. Through using them you can able to access them between two different devices.