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An organism is said to be alive only when it breathes no matter how hard it costs. People don’t pay importance until you pay the heavy debt for it. Since you breathe, you are alive but whether you are having a good count of breathing, whether your body organs are functioning properly or not, this is perhaps the least concerned subject of people. This has got a collective word which says health. It is written in big bold letters in the school books that health is the most precious possession that a human can have. But unfortunately, it is the most ignored section.


Now -a -days the biggest concern and threat to human health is a lifestyle. Among the total population, the maximum suffering are due to poor lifestyle. Health has a great link with proper diet. The doctor always asks to opt for the nutritious foods, which are a good source of protein, carbs and a bit of fat but this is hardly followed. We are so busy with our work that there is no measure count for the intake of junk food. Due to the every work hours the nearest possible food is the most chosen one as a mode of convenience. Be it the most fried one. Not even a second thought is given to the health. Besides this, we have got the use of convenience. As it is clear to everyone that walking leads to the whole body workout but how many go for the early jog or morning walk? In this modern era people are busy in making money but not health, as it is pretty clear that if health is at risk not even a penny of money is coming your way.


The first thing to realize is there is nothing important other than health. Hence it should be given the first priority. Following points to be kept in mind when you make yourself ready for taking care of your health.

  • Early morning walk or jog for 15 minutes and if you have morning shift go for a gym work out session or yoga class.
  • Meditate every morning at least for 10 minutes for the proper functioning and integrity of your mind and body.
  • Avoid regular intake of junk food. You can replace it with healthy stuff or fruits as it will keep you hydrated.
  • Routine check up whether you have any disease or not.
  • No source of addiction, no alcoholism, no smoking or any kind of drug addiction.

To conclude the above-mentioned points should be kept in mind when you are serious about health and to those who are not even aware about the health hazards that coming their way , should buck themselves and get serious about it. It is good to work and make money but it is equally important to take care of the health as if there is no health there is no existence of yours.