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Identify the model of its graphics card

Nvidia is a “manufacturer” of GPUs (the graphics processor). In fact, they almost do not manufacture the chips themselves, but only the design of the chip, which will be made by a smelter (currently TSMC, it seems to me), it is what is called a manufacturing company. At least (that is, it does not have a production plant).

Nvidia manufactures the base of a graphics card (the GPU) which resells to the manufacturers who will add the RAM, the ventilation (see the watercooling), it is the same thing with the card Radeon whose GPU is manufactured (or designed) by ATI. Nvidia manufactures (it seems to me) also these own graphics cards with their GPU.

The thing to keep in mind is that two graphics cards with the same GPU may not be as powerful, because of the component chosen by the card manufacturer such as the amount of RAM, the fan; but these two graphics cards will have the same functionality as the stream on a Nvidia Shield Tablet, this kind of thing.

Why identify the version of its graphics card?

It may happen that you are asked for the model of best graphics cards for gaming in case of computer troubleshooting. If you have a computer and display problem, people who want to help you are likely to ask you for the model of your best graphics cards for gaming to help you solve your problem. The identification of the graphics card will allow those who help you do specific research on the web related to your graphics card or refer you to the manufacturer of the video card site to download the card drivers update graphic or its user manual.

It may also be useful to determine the version of the graphics card to see if it meets the hardware requirements of a video game for example. Some video games do require a powerful video card and may need to be changed if you want to enjoy the latest video games comfortably.

What is a graphics card?

Every computer has a graphics card (also called a video card ). It is the hardware that makes the connection between the computer and the screen: it is the best graphics cards for gaming that can display an image on the screen. It is particularly in demand by video games, video editing software or photo editing. A simple desktop use of your computer does not require a very powerful video card.

Depending on its characteristics, a graphics card can allow you to connect your computer to your TV or to display your computer on two screens at the same time. Also note that this is a device on your computer for which it is imperative to update the drivers to avoid bugs and optimize its performance.

Know the model of graphics card under Windows 10

Here is a simple trick to find the model of the video card of his PC under Windows 10 (also valid for Windows 8):

  1. Right click on the Start menu Start Menu in Windows 10 Windows 10 (or use the shortcut Windows + key X) and select from the Device Manager menu.
  2. Then look for Graphic Cards then click on the arrow to unfold the item.
  3. You will get the model or models of your video card

That’s it, you know now which is the manufacturer of your graphic card as well as its precise model!

Last but not least: this article come from Windows 10 but the trick is valid for all Windows ( Windows XP , Windows Vista , Windows 7 , Windows 8 , Windows 10 ): it must go through the device manager Windows to determine the version of its video card.