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Many who own or want to create a website will sooner or later be confronted with Cheap SEO services. Because with this method, visitors can be brought to a website, through better positions in organic search results. But how does SEO work at all? This question is often asked, and can not be answered exactly. No search engine and especially Google does not reveal which factors are crucial for a top ranking. The reasons are obvious, otherwise webmasters will find it too easy. It would be too easy to bring bad pages and content up by targeting the Google algorithm. And Google wants to deliver the best to its users, and preserve its reputation.

However, through years of experience of affordable SEO agency and many studies, today there is a wide range of knowledge about the  search algorithm and the ranking factors. In addition, Google’s algorithm is regularly subject to major updates. By means of this Google is always trying to improve the search results and the associated user experience.

Many factors are included in a top ranking on Google Search front positions. You can divide these fundamentally into On- and OffPage measures. With SEO measures the visibility and the rankings in the search should be increased. Google always wants the best for its users and a natural website development. It is therefore important in the SEO optimization of a website always considered, and above all distributed over a period of time. Because this is a natural evolution, and the site is not badly rated by Google due to spam measures.

How does Cheap SEO services work? – The two parts:

OnPage SEO

Not only content is inserted and optimized on a website. Only by technical requirements, a website can develop its potential. In the absence of important technical aspects in the implementation of a new website, the site will never appear in the top results. It’s important to make life easy for the Google Bot. With a slim page structure and a slim code as well as instructions to the bot, a website can be optimally read out.

In our day and age, mobile optimization is important. But more than that, page speed is another important aspect of technical SEO. Google and users do not like slow websites and loading times. By optimizing for the crawl budget, a web page can be better analyzed and ranked.

Important parts of the OnPage optimization are texts, pictures, description and titles for Google. A search engine optimization usually starts with a detailed keyword search. On the basis of such research, it is possible to work in a particularly targeted and efficient manner. The whole website is then aligned to certain keywords. Through content, signals can be given to Google, and even with longer search terms, a website with texts is visible. Often comes with the question of how SEO works, including the question of how long a SEO text must be? There is no recipe for this, but a rough guideline is 400-600 words for a product or subpage, 600-1200 words for a category or 2000 words for a pure blog article.

User signals are also a Google ranking rate. Stay longer on one page user than on another, and click through. Then Google notices that the first page is much more relevant, because the user has found what he is looking for. Then it is rewarded with a better ranking and increased visibility.

OffPage SEO

In the area OffPage all measures fall outside a website. First of all, the website should always be logged into the Google Search Console. The tool provided by Google makes it possible to transfer data and information via a website faster to Google. Web pages can be included in the index as quickly, and changes made to a web page are also picked up and processed faster by Google.

Backlinks are still relevant today when it comes to good positions in the search results. Backlinks are links from other websites to your own website. The search engine is signaled that a particular website is relevant and interesting, and therefore shared on other websites in the form of a link. Here the “SEO race” can be won and lost. The aspect of naturalness and relevance is always important. Backlink is not the same backlinks, some are valuable others less. The mix does it, you should always pay attention to naturalness and relevance in link building. Bad links can also lead to a Google punishment, which can cause the site to lose rankings or even be completely removed from the index.

In the end, it’s a mix of different link sources. Because is mostly in the eyes of Google of course. Of course there are good and less good backlinks. Good backlinks are not for everyone to get, have a high page authority and are relevant to the topic. In particular, it is important that the linking website also fits your own topic. And that the site has a certain link power, this can be viewed using SEO tools. The higher this is, the more high quality links point to the linking page. The link power of the linking site transfers to its own website. Google also gives some websites such as universities or state institutions a higher attention and authority. Site with adult content is detected, and basically rated with less authority. In addition, the link power is always transferred to all subpages of a web page, the better the menu structure and internal linking, the better this can be transmitted. And so subpages and blog articles reach better rankings.

Do you still have questions about how Cheap SEO services works? Then just get in touch with me, I’m happy to help!